Welcome to The Coach Home Care and Consulting Agency, LLC

We are a Colorado Springs base business founded by Christel Aime RN-BSN.
Christel has been a Director of Nursing in
coupleseveral Colorado facilities including Denver and Colorado Springs and is still a practicing nurse.

Our Experience with geriatric care has inspired us to start the Agency in order to enable people with limited functional ability to remain and enjoy the comfort of their home as long as possible. It is our experience both personally and professionally that people do better at home in the environment they created and around people they love. Our goal as stated above is to coach client in doing just that : “Staying at home”.

As Qualified Medication Administration Program instructor, we have access to a great variety of personal care givers, our home coaches,  with knowledge and experience in the health care field and matching our clients with the right home coach is of upmost importance.

We are of course bonded, insured, medicaid certified (HCBS), and licensed by the Health Department to Practice non-skilled homecare services  in Colorado.

We also provide Consulting services such as Case management services, QMAP classes, CPR classes,
Survey preparedness for Assisted Living Facilities, alternate care facilities using QMAPs, etc.

Please feel free to call, email or stop by any time.  

Mission Statement

Our goal is to coach our clients in the arts of staying at home, empower them to be as independent as possible, be a resource in the health care community for families, health care facilities, and an advocate for home based health care for 
“home is where our heart is”

Our Goal

Assisting in the care of our elder community can be a difficult and yet rewarding job. Regardless if that care is being provided at home or an assisted  living environment, we are here to help. We also understand that no one knows your needs as well as you. 
We understand the importance of communication and working together for a common goal.